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Our Time in Norway

We arrived in Oslo Thursday, August 13 dazed and exhausted from our red-eye flight to Stockholm, (where our peanut butter was captured by an unfriendly customs official) and the nine hour time jump.  When we landed in Norway, a wonderful couple; Nils and Bogna, and their friend, Asmund, (our new dear friends) were there to meet us with a van to take all of us and our luggage to their home twenty minutes away.   After settling in and visiting, we ate a scrumptious chicken soup followed by a dessert of hot rice and blueberry sauce.  Then we took our satisfied stomachs to bed and slept in until. . . well late, really late.  We ate a brunch of bread, cheese, sliced meats, eggs and a Norwegian “tortilla” called Lumpa wrapped around a hot dog.  We practiced for a performance on Saturday after brunch.  
Later that afternoon, Kenneth, Lisa, Ericka and the girls walked to a museum to see old, historic Norwegian houses which were moved from their original properties.  
A few times each year, the…