Monday, August 22, 2011

While You Were Sleeping......

Hi Ya'll! We just got back from meeting with the kids and Rema, the director. The children have said Yes!!!

We went to the orphanage today to meet Rema (the orphanage director) and discuss our desire to adopt the children. It was a little intimidating with her behind the desk and all of us in row, being asked question after question; but we knew that the Lord was in control. We answered her questions via our interpreter, Roma, and then she called the children in. They spoke for a time (all in Russian of course) and then we left. As we were walking out the door, Roma asked the children if they wanted to be part of our family, they said yes, then we filed out to the playground at the orphanage where we awaited the city inspector (Ukraine's version of a CPS officer.) When the inspector arrived, she took the children into an office, where they stated to her their desire to be adopted, and were then required to write a handwritten letter stating the same, all while we waited outside. It seemed like forever, when....

Finally, here came Sasha with his big grin. He played ball for a time and then out of the blue he held up three fingers and said, "Tre Das!" (3 yes!)

Next Katya and Shurik arrived, and Katya said excitedly in English, "We are all 1 family!" What a happy day!

Now we move forward with the paperwork and court procedures. We are praising God for His wonderful blessings! Thanks again for all the prayers and encouragement.

Chris, Lisa, and family


Kalebaugh Family Farm said...

Wow! amazing! God is good! We are so excited for you all!

endofthemattersisters said...

We are rejoicing with you, Booher Family! Praise the Lord! We look forward to meeting you all again someday!
~Shiloh for the Strang Clan

The Milkmaid said...

Praise the Lord! We are rejoicing with you! I look forward to meeting the new children someday. We will continue to remember you in prayer during the remaining month of your stay there.

God be with you all.
Katie Sterland

Island Cowgirl said...

That is so amazing! Praise God! So happy for you all!

Amanda Sikele

brian8474 said...

That's amazing Chris what you all are doing for those children!I am sure they will love their new Family.

Brian Horton