Saturday, August 13, 2011

Update from Berdyans'k, Ukraine

Things are going "ochen harasho" (very well) here in Berdyans'k with our children. We've visited the local zoo, seen a dolphin show, ridden a boat, walked the beach, ridden in little electric cars, and seen a 5D movie show. We've been busy, but today was wonderful to just hang out as a family in our hotel room; playing games, eating watermelon, playing with clay, teaching guitar and fiddle to the children, and eating the FISH!!! (We've finally got up the nerve to try it. We know that these are our children without a doubt, and I'm pretty sure they know it, too. Katya is calling Lisa, "Mama," and our girls, "Sistras." It's such an overwhelming feeling to know that after all the paperwork and waiting,wondering and anticipating, we are finally here, about to bring our children home! Now, all we're waiting for is a written letter of consent from the children stating their wishes to be adopted by us, and the orphanage director to return from the States so that we can begin the paperwork process. This should all happen around the 19th, which is when the children return to their orphanage, and the director returns as well. We pray that everything will go smoothly with the courts, and that the process will be expedient. We love Ukraine; the culture, the people, the food; but we are beginning to miss America, and are looking forward to returning and sharing our home with our new children. We have so many wonderful pictures to share of our kids and our time here, and can't wait to share them with you when they are officially "Boohers."

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