Monday, August 15, 2011

Here it is Monday the 15 already, and looking back on the past weeks' events I can only think what an incredible week it's been! First the amazing trip from Kiev to Zholty Vody, then on to Berdyans'k, then back to ZV for one day (two nights) and finally back to Berdyans'k (300 miles, 6 hrs driving one way) where we have been enjoying sun, sand, surf, and most of all, interaction with the children we hope to adopt; Katya, Sasha, and Shurick. It's truly something that only God could have brought to pass! All the details that fell perfectly into place in order for us to have this wonderful opportunity to be with the children in this amazing setting could have never been scheduled or orchestrated by us! It's been amazing to Lisa and I how quickly our children have bonded in spite of the language barriers: truly, love knows no bounds! I spent some time today teaching Sasha and Shurick some chords on the guitar, which they really seemed to enjoy, then Sasha picked up Kenneth's fiddle and sawed away like there was no tomorrow... Marina, the assistant orphanage director, and Lisa went down on the street in front of our hotel and bought dried fish from one of the numerous vendors there. After bringing it back up to the room, she showed us how to pull the heads off and pick the little salty, dried chunks of flesh off the carcass, a really tasty treat, apparently-if you can just get past the smell! We have been enjoying meals at "The Potato House," a restaurant that serves, of course, baked potatoes any way you like, plus a great burrito with all sorts of goodies, and topped off with a ultra-strong espresso-or americano-your choice. The espresso here is excellent, and is served almost everywhere-many hotel lobbies have a machine right in the cashier's area, and for a little over a dollar they'll whip you up something that'll put some pep in your step... Usually just two shots in a small cup, unless you specify something else. However, we have run into some difficulties due to our inability to speak the language... Yesterday Lisa ordered burritos with a variety of stuffing, but instead we received four baked potatoes, topped with all the ingredients she had ordered for the burritos... Not quite sufficient for our large family! A rather inebriated gentleman from Belarius (who spoke fairly good English) struck up a conversation with Lisa and I this evening, and upon finding out that we had six children here in Berdyans'k with us, slapped his leg and informed me in an incredulous voice that we were "completely insane!" I'm assuming he was referring to the idea of bringing a family of six children to Ukraine, but I couldn't be sure... We didn't dare tell him of our intentions of adding three more to our family! Well, guess that's all for now... Friday we leave for ZV, where an uncertain future awaits, but we know we are in the Lord's hands, and are constantly in amazement at the way He takes care of everything! I was reminded of that wonderful verse, Romans 8:28 this morning: "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

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Keulen Family said...

Hi Boohers,
We are so excited for all of you and praying for you! We just finished hosting 3 boys and are really missing them, so it is wonderful to hear anything about Ukraine or to see pictures. I believe you are actually in the general region of our boys but I could be mistaken. We were wondering if there might be any chance that you could get us some postage stamps while in Ukraine so that we could send our boys some self addressed envelopes? We will continue to pray for you all in the days and weeks ahead!
The whole family sends their love.
Love, Juliana for the Bob Keulen Family