Friday, August 26, 2011

Almost One Month Down, One To Go......

We are continually amazed at what the Lord is doing!

Firstly, we've had the pleasure of meeting some of the Saints here and have very much enjoyed fellowshipping with them in their homes. They have been such a blessing to us; feeding us, speaking English with us, sharing music and ministry videos with us, showing us around town, and just generally being available to help anytime we have a need. These same special people have even managed to procure a 3 bedroom apartment for us, completely furnished and with a kitchen and washing machine, 2 necessities when you have a crew as large as ours! The apartment belongs to a beautiful lady named Nina who was happy to move in with a friend just so that we could stay in her home for the remaining 3 weeks of our stay here at ZV. Thank you Jesus for shining your light on us, through these people.

Secondly, we HAVE received our COURT date; Sept 7th is the BIG day! We were hoping for something a little sooner, but when we looked at the calendar and worked out the dates, we discovered an extra surprise. The court date is the date that we go before the judge and he reviews our documents and questions us. He will then officially deny or approve the adoption at that point. But, we still are not allowed to remove the children from the orphanage until a 10 day waiting period has expired. The ten days are an allowance for anyone who wishes to file an appeal to the judges decision. If no one appeals, then the children are officially Boohers and we can start the exiting procedures. We will be able to take them out of the orphanage and they will live with us from the first working day after the 10 days have expired. That same day that we will be able to finally all live together as family just happens to work out to be on Lisa's birthday. What an awesome birthday present!

Thank you all for your continued prayers and a special thanks to all of you who are taking care of our home and animals etc. We couldn't do this without you supporting us. Now all we do is wait until the 7th and continue to build our relationship with the children and our new friends here.
Thank you Jesus, for your grace and love abound!

Chris and Lisa Booher and Family

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Pj said...

Rejoicing with you all. Happy Birthday, Lisa. I agree, Chris, what a wonderful birthday present. Isn't that just like our Father to tend to the details? Not everyone gets her/his birthday "wish!"

The children look so happy with you all.

God bless you and give you much grace, wisdom and patience!

Big hugs all around,