Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Look out Kiev, here we come.........all NINE of us!

After months of waiting, we finally received our invitation to travel to Ukraine. We are making lists and checking them twice, spending days on the phone trying to get airline tickets booked for nine people using miles. Thanks to the Lord and his provision of Betty, our American Airlines agent, and our friends for donating extra miles, we were able to get our tickets booked and save around 10K. We are leaving out of Portland bound for DFW on July 29 (Kenneth's 10th birthday) at 6 AM, then we'll have about a 5 hour wait where we will be joined by Bethany Wallace, one of Ericka's best friends. She is coming along with us to help provide care for our children while we are in appointments and because we love her company. We fly out of DFW around 5pm and arrive in London around 9 am their time. Then from London, it's on to Kiev, our final destination where we touch down around noon on the 31st. Kiev is 8 hours ahead of us here in Oregon.

Our appointment in Kiev is on Aug 2 at 12. The appointment is extremely important because this is the time when we will find out if our requested children are available. We will have the opportunity to view their medical records and find out about their history. If we choose to pursue their adoption, then we will be given traveling papers giving us permission to VISIT them. We have been hearing conflicting reports that the children we requested may not be at the orphanage until 2 weeks after we arrive. I'm not sure how all this will affect our referral. Please pray that the Lord will give us wisdom and will lead us to our children; whether it be the group we requested and have loved and prayed for for 9 months or another. This can be a difficult decision; accepting a referral or not, please pray that the Lord will firmly shut the door to anything that we may consider that is not of Him and that he will open those doors, without room for questioning, that He would have us walk through.


Mom/Gramma said...

Praying for you guys - - - and so excited to see what the Lord shows you & who He brings into your family!

Mike & Dauna.

maria4orphans said...

So excited to follow your journey! can't wait for the updates. Your family is an inspiration to me!!