Sunday, July 31, 2011

Here we are!!

Hello everyone,

We are in Kiev!!. We arrived yesterday around 12:15. After going through Customs, we were met by our adoption facilitator Yuri, who took us to our apartment. Our apartment has a living room, kitchen, master bed and a loft. The kids slept almost all afternoon, while Mom and Dad bought groceries. We got a really yummy watermelon for only $1.50 .

We flew out of Portland to DFW, where we had lunch with our friends the Wallace family. They are loaning us their daughter Bethany. Kenneth's 10th birthday was Friday, so they made him a birthday cake.

From Dallas, we had an 8.5 hour overnight flight to London. We arrived in London very tired, but after napping in our hotel, we rode the "tube" to Piccadilly Circus. It took us about 45 min. but the kids had fun watching out the windows. We were very brave and ate dinner at Macdonalds.

We awoke the next morning at 3:00 took the wrong shuttle to the airport, so we waited about 30 min. for the subway to open so we could go the terminal 5. We rechecked our bags and arrived at our gate just in time to board. British airways is very family friendly, they even have a security check line especially for families.

Now we are getting ready to walk around Kiev a little. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is our appointment. After our appointment, we can travel to the town where the kids are.

So Dasvidanya for now. . .

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