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My name is Ericka. I am 17. Last August, I started working at my Uncle's coffee shop. I enjoy sewing and baking. I also know how to play fiddle and piano, but I don't practice often. For a graduation present, Mom and Dad bought me a camera, so I have been having fun taking pictures. The apple in my hand is from our Gravenstein tree. It went into the applesauce we canned this year. Yumm!.

My Favorite Brother

Well, here is Kenneth. He is our only brother. At 9 years old, Kenneth is the chief goat milker and egg collector. He is becoming a great fiddle and piano player and he also plays the ukulele.


Here is Scarlett Anne. She just had her 7th birthday on November 7th. Although we don't own a horse, she loves horses so we made her a horse cake. In the past few days, Scarlett has become a great helper and loves drying dishes. It must come with getting older. . .

Samara Rayne

Smile Samara! Samara is 5 years old. She is learning to read. One of her favorite things to do is play with playdough.


This is our 3 year old "dimple darling" Hannah Naomi. She loves to help most of the time. She also enjoys coloring pictures for school.

Our Youngest Member

Here is Eliana Beth. She will be two on November 12. Eliana loves to sing Jesus loves Me and play with her baby doll.

Mom and Dad

Here are my parents, Chris and Lisa.

Dad knows how to build, sandblast gas pipes, take pictures--you name it and he could do it. He is also a professional musician (and our table manner expert)!

Mama is definitely a mother. She makes sure that the house stays clean and that everyone eats well. She also homeschools the children.



Before I post about our activities, here is an introduction to our family. We live outside of Drain, Oregon in a 1930's farm house on five acres. Other than raising six kids, we also have four Nubian goats, two dozen chickens, a cat (with lots of kittens) and an old dog named Ginger (our back door mat).

The following pictures will tell you more about us.